15 Slouchy fashion purchases that will make outfits look expensive

It may be that the first week is back at work, or maybe it's a symptom of the fashion girl's eternal quest to achieve that nonchalance-I-just-wake-up-like-but Whatever the reason, the fashion of 2020 is clearly all about slack. We have lost the number of pieces that embrace this unapologetically lethargic silhouette, from the large fireplaces borrowed like your dad to trousers that end up in the puddle around your shoes.

Although our grandmothers may have told us about a slumber, there is something so untouchable chic about applying this rule to our wardrobes. For example, if I buy the street, I will often try to size one size too often, because it can somehow make it look so much more premium right away (maybe it's the excess fabric that reminds us of buying & # 39 a design). Just look at the minimalist style of Alexis Foreman, rarely seen in her big, sloppy separates, or Rosie HW, who has a penchant for pleated boots and loose collars.

If you experiment with this trend, I would recommend that you start with one slack and balance it with a separate measure. For example, you could try a French big shirt that is tucked into a pair of straight-leg jeans, or throw a leather shirt over a white tee and skirt. So simple, yet so effective. Scroll down to check out my slouchy outfit inspo.

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