16 pieces from where I buy now

Buyers frequently look to Next as a place to find the latest trends, but frankly it couldn't be further from the truth. & # 39; A look at the latest drop confirms something I've always known; you can refurbish chic and trend-led pieces for decent prices. All you have to be is a little skilled if you understand what items stand out from the rest. Since you probably don't have time to waste the next site, the place is where we go.

We took it upon ourselves to go through all the new pieces from the retailer and see which items look more expensive than others. Here's a little secret: it's all about the finish and thickness of materials. You want to find items that are not overly complicated and then you have a winner. We saw this week a dress with a dog tooth that we can imagine wearing by the Duchess of Cambridge, a pleated skirt that looks right off the runway and summer 2020 , as well as & # 39; some knee-high boots that we will just sell out of. Ready to see what we mean? Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite influencers and then check out our edit …

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