20 Blunt bob hairstyles that will remind you of long hair

Having a hairdresser for a mom meant that I did just about everything you can think of in my hair. I'm platinum blonde, mahogany brown and everything in between. I filled my face with feathers and cut thick edges. I had hair up to my waist and chopped to my chin. It is fair to say that I was pretty overwhelmed with my traps. That is until I got older.

I don't know why, but for some reason I used long hair in a creamy color with inhabited roots. But now, after seeing & # 39; some impressive hair transformations on Instagram, I'm finally going to do my refresh. And the look I play with is a blunt bob.

The blunt baboon has undergone some revival in 2019. Far from the dreaded pickup, influencers as well as A-listeners choose hairstyles for a jaw that is modern, refreshing, mature and just a little sexy. My rationale? It's just hair, so I suggest you go as sharp as possible, much like Emma Hill or Lily James. However, if it feels too severe, you can always ask your stylist to & # 39; take some weight off the tips of your hair, which will make the appearance of your & # 39; subtle & # 39; softness will soften while maintaining the smooth silhouette. As an example? Brittany Xavier or Jourdan Dunn.

If you also plan to change your hair before the year arrives, browse below to see 20 beautiful, blunt bob hairstyles.

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