24 of the best long coats for women at the moment

As a fashion editor, it probably wouldn't surprise me to have quite a few coats in my wardrobe. At the last count, it was at least ten, because I like a few options to keep my outfits fresh and interesting for the entire fall and winter. But the one that makes me feel the finest? My almost-to-the-floor vintage Jaeger beige coat. What is it about this outer garment that trumps the other? For starters, this is the piece that every fashion editor has in their wardrobe. On paper, it's a little "boring", but it works with every outfit I own, and even makes jeans and a T-shirt look like I've put in some effort. The long coat is also a piece that can be iconic and completely displayable. You just have to look at Margot Tenenbaum or Holly Golightly to know this.

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