& # 39; A skin detoxification can help remove the break away from the new year

This time last year, I tore my face into every product available to cleanse my skin. When my face dried up, I soaked it with moisturizing ingredients. I followed self-prescribed 10-step regimens and layered them on serum and smothered my skin with active ingredients. Come spring, things don't look too nice. In fact, they were ten times worse than they were in the New Year. After months of trying to fix my own mess, I finally decide it's time to get expert help.

It turned out that my skin needed one serious detox, and it was about ten months late. Pamela Marshall, clinical aestheticist and co-founder of Mortar & Milk, explains: & # 39; The holiday season can negatively impact our skin in various ways. & # 39; Lack of sleep, outside of normal food routines and & # 39; increased alcohol intake & # 39; & # 39; A long hormonal domino effect will eventually leave the sebaceous glands producing sebum. Too much sebum causes an inflammatory reaction with an acne patch. In addition, alcohol and cold weather can leave us red and angry. "

And although I understand that my skin needs help after the New Year, I couldn't see why my thorough routine was making the situation worse. & # 39; We are conditioned to believe that if we have a break-away point, we should use a lot of aggressive activities, and that is not always the truth. Too many active agents can aggravate the fractures, ignite the skin and compromise its barrier function, ”Pamela explains.

Does this sound like something you can relate to? Browse through everything you need to know to give your skin a new year.

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