6 accessories that were everywhere at fashion week

Even for those who do not work in the fashion industry, it can be extremely interesting to see how trends emerge over time. Sure, you might be aware that Bottega Veneta is just browsing through Rosie HW's Instagram, or that you have a slight tendency for Jacquemus to tend to every Kardashian and Hadid who looked around his signature mini bag. Although it often begins to see these products translated into real life, we can really give them the coveted cult status. And this is exactly where the street style set comes in.

In February, tearful products will be featured across New York, London, Milan and Paris, while editors, influencers and buyers will head out to attend runway shows in their best fashion week. From a popular shoe to a favorite handbag, it's easy to determine which accessories are most sought after simply by seeing an appearance of an item in street style images.

So which items are at the top of the most popular list this season? When it comes to pieces we need to have, we've seen more Prada bowls in Milan than we can expect, and despite the current climate, we've also seen a number of showmen offering Bottega's new spiral sandals .

Loewe's taking of the bucket bag was also very popular with the participants, as was Wandler's Georgia bag, which is available in different colors.

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