6 celebrity outfits I would love to wear today

Given the state of the world at the moment, I longed for simpler times. Between looking at repetitions of old Friends deliveries and pictures of cute celebrities on Instagram, it seems I have a serious case of nostalgia in the nineties. Although my new obsession with all old things has not only become a way to pass the time, it has also been proven to be a fruitful exercise in outfit inspiration.

Between the stray denim, clean attire and simple silhouettes, many of the chic celebrity views I've seen in the decade won't feel out of place more than 20 years later. In fact, several of the outfits feel so modern, I would love to wear it again today if I could.

Jennifer Aniston hosted a floral maximum until a meeting in 1997, which seems strange to many iterations on the market this summer. Cameron Diaz wore a dress-and-sneaker combination in 1994, which is also the outfit formula our influencers saw during London's most recent fashion week. Tyra Banks' 1996 airport gown looks like it might have worn off yesterday, while the crocheted midi skirt that Naomi Campbell wore in 1997 is so underway, I could have sworn I was wearing it extra in the latest Harry Styles music video . I think everything that used to be old is new again. Browse through six celebrity outfits that we would love to wear today.

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