6 easy fashion trends in 2020 for women over 60

If you are not well acquainted with my mother yet, let me tell you quickly: Nancy is a 60-year-old Midwestern woman in the US who is interested in fashion, but not always from her sartorial comfort zone don't come. . Sure, she's about to test fresh trends that go wrong on the classic side to take in the timeless wardrobe she's been putting together for years, but it takes a little push to convince her to try new fashion crowd favorite.

But as she mentioned to me during the holidays, she is actually ready to give her wardrobe a bit of a refresher, as she says, "kick off 2020 with a bang." I sit down with her and go over the 2020 trends. desire that can work well for her. My mother then stopped me (as she often speaks in the middle of the conversation if she likes or dislikes), when a particular look piqued her interest.

In the end, it was the fashion-forward but very wearable trends that were the forerunners for Nancy. While my mum is 60 and excited to try this look, she was especially in this group of inclinations because they can actually work for any of her friends who work at different ages. Because remember, age is just a number and has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn't wear.

So keep scrolling to look at the essentials of 2020 that my mom flags, complete with street style inspiration. Also visit her notes and shopping choices for each trend.

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