6 Winter trends that French women have loved forever

Although we know it's not ideal to play in clichés, there is just something about the way Parisian women dress, that we are constantly looking for inspiration. There is a certain je ne sais quoi that cannot be explained exactly, but which often gives rise to a chic and composition that seems to be completely effortless in one way or another. Yes, it may be a stereotype, but it is for a reason a stereotype.

As can be expected, this winter we are looking for our favorite French women to find out exactly how they are dealing with the colder months. In an effort to mimic their looks, we study the elements of their outfit formulas to see exactly what pieces they throw together and why.

So far, in my research (which is the extremely scientific method of browsing through Instagram) I have noticed, French women currently love cozy cardigans, textured jackets and belts. They also accentuate their outfits with perfectly cut jeans at the front of the button and create the look with vintage suede boots.

One feature of the French wardrobe is that they prefer to invest in timeless pieces and classic shapes. They prefer clothing that not only looks good today, but will also remain relevant for the coming seasons. Now it's a style choice we can get on board with. Browse below for the winter items we will be investing in thanks to our favorite French women.

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