7 basic shoes women over 40 wear repetition

We regularly turn to women over the age of 40 for advice on the best style. Yes, age is just a number (and you should always wear what you want), but it is women in this bracket who are often considered sartorial experts, as they have been able to really style their personal style over the years. climbs. And given their expert status, they have more or less developed a wardrobe with timeless necessities. While we recently highlighted the basic tenets of this set, we thought we would move the focus along the shoe staples women over 40 can't live with.

As we look to celebrities especially for shopping, it seemed appropriate to love A-listeners like Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes. With all that in mind, keep scrolling to look at the seven basic shoes that some of the cutest women out there will never forget to buy – and also buy the cutest outfits in each category.

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