7 Black-owned beauty brands I swear by

As a woman of color, it has been clear for a long time that many brands hardly ever consider me – and women like me – in their boardrooms, beauty labs, and marketing strategies. With global campaigns advocating only one skin color and only one version of & # 39; beautiful & # 39; offer, I already felt so alienated. And it's not just me; it is a feeling that I know that many women can relate to color. What I've always wanted? Being able to walk into a mainstream store and pick up a product off the shelf with the confidence that it was created to make me look and feel nice too.

Looking back on my younger years, I would have a real struggle to find a foundation that fit me complexion, a lipstick that matches my version of "nude" and eyeshadows that were both rich in pigment and complementary to my skin tone.

But there was a shift. Soon after today's beauty climate and it seems that brands have finally noticed our spending power with the gap in the market finally being addressed. Many brands are now shifting their focus when it comes to respecting diversity, inclusiveness and transparency in a movement that I hope is more than just a trend.

For women of color, beauty companies are finally becoming receptive to our needs. But while it is new to some, from the beginning there have been many beauty markets that have stood by us – to truly celebrate all women by basing their vision and guidelines on the importance of inclusiveness and diversity.

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