7 color trends that will be everywhere in 2020

There is no denying that fashion is often a mirror that reflects our broad society. Case: There are currently two different camps in terms of style. Either you are a maximalist who can shame Joey Tribbiani with low skills, or you are part of the now-minimalism crowd that loves classics and loves quiet, muted colors. There is, like the rest of the world, a complete division in the middle as preferred. For 2020, this polarization will continue and is no better represented than in the new year's color trends, either bold or muted.

While we have seen plenty of beige and neon from the spring / summer 2019 trends, we will see a continuation of these themes this year. So instead of beige, we have tan, orange, light pink and baby blue. As for the neons, spring / summer 2020 will keep the hot pink, but the orange and mandarin are a contender for the boldest colors in the new year.

Some fashion houses have established these color trends more than the others. Gucci, for example, is probably the pioneer of this generation's maximalism and is about deep colors. At Bottega Veneta (the new old Céline for many), the muted colors are inevitable, with light yellow and blue bags and shoes that will sell at the moment when they fall online. But then Jacquemus embraced the two tribes with his collection of beautifully almost bold and delicate colors. Either way, you prefer to put on your colors, there is one thing I know for sure about the trends for years to come: you won't be bored and you won't make the choice. Turn to the seven color trends for 2020 and then look for the crowds and store pieces already available.

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