7 kinds of knickers that every woman should own

The vast majority of lingerie trends come and go, but it is ironic because it is ironic as it is the underwear style that is constantly overlooked.

Bras pay the most attention, probably because they can style in such a way that it is an integral part of your outfit – think of a bright side under an unbuttoned blouse , or a curtain-colored satin strap that looks out from under a thin vest. However, since marbles will be largely covered (bare and naked dresses aside), they are all too often forgotten. It's a shame, because there are so many nice underpants out there.

But now brands like Lonely and Love Stories Intimates are putting the spotlight back on, making the store a more stylish endeavor for your little ones than ever. But do you know your Brazilian from your bikini? Your French from your short? Keep scrolling to see and buy the kinds of panties every woman should have in her underwear drawer …

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