According to Celebrities, these are the best moisturizers

& # 39; A good cleanser can be the basis for any successful skincare routine, but finding the right moisturizer can take your skin to the next level. While celebrities may have access to the best facial and skincare professionals in the business, there is no doubt that most of the A-lists have serious skin, and much of it depends on the moisturizer they use on a daily basis .

Although there is celebrity exceptions (Emma Stone likes olive oil, and Pixi Geldof likes argan oil). & # 39; A little digging proved that all of our favorite celebrities were loyal to one moisturizer. It ranges from £ 13 to £ 320 and here's a whole mix of price points and skincare solutions, but browse through the best moisturizers used by Meghan Markle, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Victoria Beckham.

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