Anna Wintour reveals the 4 best hunting trends right now

Anna Wintour gets in the holidays. In the latest video for Vogues Go ask Anna series, she was asked various questions about gifts, holiday parties, winter trends, and more – and of course she knew exactly how to answer each one. When someone asked her what celebrity she should look for for holiday outfits, Wintour Kate Middleton replied without hesitation. & # 39; She always looks absolutely impeccable. & # 39; As for the gift your mother-in-law has to give, Wintour has a brilliant idea: a framed photo of your partner with your mother-in-law.

In the winter style, Wintour was asked for her tips on how to buy a new coat. & # 39; Yes, absolutely, & # 39; says Wintour in the video. & # 39; You have to watch VogueThe November issue, where we & # 39; re a wonderful play by Tabitha Simmons and photographed by Dan Jackson, and the coats are worn by Kendall Jenner. There is everything from a wonderful little Burberry puff adder to a versace [fur] leopard coat, a Max Mara red military look and a wonderful topper from Marc Jacobs [big ]. I really think there's a coat in there for everyone. & # 39; Scroll down to go buy the four coats she mentions.

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