Chrissy Teigen's skincare routine will make you glow

If there's one thing I'm obsessed with at the moment, it's to find out celebrities & # 39; skincare routines. just how exactly they get it glowy no make-up and effortless skin, while the weather insists on keeping mines as dry as sandpaper? Okay, yes, it can be a lot of good genes, but they are also spoiled by the best in the business, so it can't help finding out what's behind the magic and trying it yourself, right?

We have discovered so far Emily RatajowskiS favorite products, and how Gwyneth, J. Lo and Victoria Beckham look so good for their age, but one bathroom closet we went to look at is Chrissy TeigenIs. If you don't have an important place for Chrissy and her life reality on social media, sorry to say, but we probably won't go along with it. Those good genes we mentioned? She has enough, but she is also a fan of a good beauty product and likes to share her tips with her followers.

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