Christmas Day outfits for each dress code

Christmas ads have been released, the stores are filled with sequins and mince pies and we now feel like we can start planning our festive outfits legally. Christmas parties may get the most attention when it comes to outfit planning, but Christmas Day ensembles can be just as fun to think about. People have very different ideas about what a Christmas Day outfit should look like. Some dress in silk and sequins, while others & # 39; string & # 39; only & # 39; policy. Whatever you love with the December 25 dress code, we've found five perfect outfits to create this Christmas again.

As your family dresses, we've found a red velvet midi skirt that is still comfortable for a party, yet delivers all the shine. If you would like to spend time with your Christmas look, then stick to a red and green festive color palette. But if you're not dressed, pull out the cashmere and cozy knitwear to do your best Cameron Diaz The holidays impression. Keep scrolling to see and buy these outfits for Christmas.

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