Everyone is about to lose it on track

Trust Bottega Veneta and The Row to tackle and upgrade the humble Chelsea boot to become one of the most sought-after products for the fall / winter 2019. So how did these brands manage to it so chic and so sought after by the fashion crowd? Both rolled up the sole of the foot, making it thicker and firmer, creating the track-heel inclination. Of course, the fashion houses each have their own shoe. Bottega made it so that the leg was slightly longer and added to the trademark cover. As for the ride, there was a simple zipper trim in the middle to make this boot more elegant, despite its astonishing nature.

Of course, the tracking trend has not stopped with the above designers. Today Zara dropped its version of the ankle boot and I also spied similar on Arket and Mango. Other designers also have these chunky boots in stock with their own customization. For example, Prada added a thick heel to make it feel like a dresser option (or for those who hate to go without a little height). Before buying the trend, you can use a word of style: Try cut jeans to show them as much as possible à la Monikh. I also partially wear them with a floating floral dress. Scroll now to see the full version of the best footwear shoes.

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