Everything you need to know about clothing swaps

For the second season of London Fashion Week on the Strand 180, I focused on the positive fashion space and got excited by the various sustainable options. In the midst of exciting new sustainable brands, I meet Patrick Duffy, the founder of the Global Fashion Exchange, a consulting group that offers fashion swaps around the world. You will hardly know about his friendly smile and welcoming attitude (we took a selfie after the meeting) that he was in the midst of hosting LFW's first clothing exchange alongside fashion designer Patrick McDowell.

But what exactly is & # 39; a swap of clothing (also known as & # 39; swing & # 39;)? This is another sustainable fashion option that has recently become popular. In addition to renting fashion, cycling and thrift, clothing swaps are on the rise as an alternative to fast fashion. In a world where, according to Duffy, 150 billion garments are manufactured annually, "but so much is sent to the landfill – 300,000 tons a year in Britain", there is no doubt that fashion is a waste problem do not have. , and & # 39; a pretty fun problem, to the problem.

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