How to make your hair thicker, according to a stylist

Maybe it's a beauty editor thing, but I grew up worshiping celebrity makeup artists, coloreds and hair stylists, almost as fiercely as I actually made celebrities. I devoured glossy magazine pages while armed with a red pen and cheerful fingers, holding organized lists and looking exactly organized in color-coded binders. I have always been product obsessed (I owned sticks from Clé de Peau before a car), and my dream was to one day become a beauty editor – an incredible benefit that I speak with and talk to the celebrity experts.

I feel very fortunate that the dream is exhausted, and even two plus years in the post, I get just as excited to chat with artists who regularly work with members of the A-list and what artists are responsible for the most double tasks worth hair and make-up looks on the red carpet. And because I'm the beauty-passionate baby in the nineties that I am, celebrity stylist Mark Townsend (Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's longtime husband-and-wife) was at the top of my list.

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