How to put on a sweater dress this winter

The last time most of us wore a knit dress, we were about 15 years old and wore it with Ugg boots, parkas and patterns. While there is nothing wrong with this outfit in itself, I personally feel as though it comes to the knit dress of 2019, but I am looking for something more modern and clean. Thanks to the look of Jacquemus, this cozy trend & # 39; s got a big update for the new season, and it quickly went to the top of our wish lists. It's officially one of winter's most stylish ways to stay warm. From minimalist monochrome and preppy stripes to tongue-knit and retro cable knit, there are so many styles to choose from.

My highlight is Alexis Foreman's COS skirt-and-suitcase pairing, which offers plenty of fashion editorial vibes, especially when you're done with simple hoops. There's also room for more retro interpretations, such as Jeanne Damas' cream cable knit mini iteration, which pack a & # 39; 60 & # 39; punch when designed with knee-high boots. It's also a trend that lends itself to the layering, so if it's super cold, you can happily wear one over a custom pair of trousers or a base with a roll neck base doubled. Scroll down to see how the fashion crowd is wearing their shoes now.

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