How Victoria Beckham wears her peep toe boots

Victoria Beckham's label is about getting dressed easier in the morning, with a crowd pleasing silhouette with a soft nod to trends rather than something that is too experimental. However, in her fall-winter collection of 2019, VB paired many of her outfits with a strange choice of shoes: heeled shoes with a beep over the knee. In her fashion week, she wore everything from knee-length skirts to floral midi dresses.

Since her February performance, Victoria Beckham has been wearing them for almost every appearance. These are divisive shoes, and they style them in an even manner, mixing bold prints and unusual colors. She usually pairs the boots, which are very tight and have a bone-like effect, with midi skirts and dresses. Earlier in the year, Victoria wore her peep toes in the depths of winter outfits, showing that it's not just a trans-season shoe. It may sound like an unpopular style, but if anyone can make a flip-flop mainstream, it's Victoria Beckham. Scroll through to see how she wore the boots.

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