I bought the best party from Zara to Gucci

Here at Who What Wear UK we are going to deliver the latest and greatest shopping edits, as approved by our team. That's why we created a new shopping column, The joy of shopping, who will see me, Joy Montgomery, on the way to all your favorite stores to test new pieces of IRL. From summer dresses to the brands you may have forgotten, prepare to take care of the same wardrobe. Is there anything you want me to cover? Make sure that tweet or Instagram my requests!

If you remove one thing from this article, leave it like this: & # 39; A party outfit is for life, not just for Christmas. In the UK, thousands of sad tops and velvet dresses are being neglected and starving. They are bought for a party, given the spotlight for a fleeting moment, then avoid at the back of the wardrobe to never see the light of day. Well, we say enough is enough – it's time to reverse this vicious cycle of rejection and set a future free of party attire distance.

This November, we are on the mission to provide a little more thought and care for our shopping trips. We are not here to judge (we all have some style skeletons in our closets), but sometimes the smallest attitude change can make the biggest difference. For us, it's about investing in party items that will provide the best benefit in the long run, but without compromising style. In the end, we all want to feel a million dollars whatever our budget, but sometimes the key to longevity is to find something that makes you feel the most amazing version of you. It never gets old.

It may sound heretical to a fashion editor to say it, but feel free to ignore trends. Yes, it's always nice to be inspired by the mood of the season (it's & # 39; 80 & # 39; s in case you were wondering), but if your personal style doesn't match it, then so be it. I hate to be overzealous, but the confidence you get in the perfect outfit is so much more worth it and has a much greater fashion endurance than trend kudos.

I wandered around in stores this week to find 20 outfits that made my heart sing. No pressure to follow my lead, but I hope it lets your creative juices flow. At the top of my list is a & # 39; power party suit from & Other Stories, which would look great with a greased pickup and strappy heels. I also tried my dream party server from Vampire's Wife, which is just as much a statement as I am. Just wait until you see the shoulders. See you on the dance floor. Scroll down to see and purchase my complete edit.

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