I just made so many winter outfits from these 23 French connectors

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The line between daywear and evening wear is beginning to blur – previously polarized fashion categories have now merged to become a gray area that blends fabric, silhouettes and suits to create something completely new. We embrace the alluring appeal of high-low styling, whether it's a tulle trainer gown (oh hey, Villanelle) or a tight-fitting sweatshirt. The rulebook was discarded, and we couldn't be happier.

Lesson one of outfit selfies: Find a good interior background. I almost took this rug home with me.

While this may sound like a difficult sartorial situation to navigate, the reality is that a whole new world of styling options has opened up for us, where we can easily combine new purchases with items already in our wardrobe is. As we get closer to the Christmas season, this ability to mix and match becomes more and more valuable: in essence, we want a version of pieces that can be adapted to different situations, whether it's beverages or weekends. brunch.

French Connection's winter fall is the ultimate reflection of this new hybrid approach to style, and as a fashion editor, I consider this versatility essential. I went to the new flagship in Duke Street (which is equipped with a coffee shop – just to say) and was tasked with putting on outfits that I can comfortably wear this morning and evening and all the time feeling comfortable. The whole collection is a move of formality, where sequins rub shoulders with knitwear and can easily change midi dresses from boots to party shoes.

I am always looking for outfits that will take me from table to dinner, and I will feel comfortable in this outfit in any outfit.

Personal highlights include brown leather trousers, which will look just as good with a silk blouse as a turtleneck. The oversized sweater dress is another highlight and will have plenty of & # 39; 90 & # 39; s vibes. pack if paired with knee-high boots. I also have to give an exclamation for the sore cool black tuxedo, which many feel like YSL as worn sans blouse, and is a wonderfully fashionable alternative to a party dress. So much goodness, so little time.

Style Notes: I am a total leather pants and have owned different pairs over the last few years. This season, they are everywhere and come in different fits and finishes. This broad-legged pair is the ideal silhouette to wear with a thin knitwear and trainers.

Style Notes: I was completely sold with the revival of the jersey dress, especially if they came in a loose fit and stood with knee-high boots. This gray number ticks all the boxes with its versatile color and cozy fabric.

Style Notes: A sharp cyclist is one of those classic jackets that has never looked like this. I like the contrast of the brown fur-fur interior with the black gloss pattern from the outside. & # 39; A God's Day on & # 39; a cold week morning.

Style Notes: I don't usually wear much color, but I like a vibrant knit to give interest to neutral separations. This red cashmere does the job well and will brighten everything from beige camel coats to heritage checks.

Style notes: The Fair Isle knit is no longer the reserve for the most beautiful fashion, with the fashion group embracing its traditional appeal. I like to wear the classic style with smart slim pants and heels.

Style Notes: If you are not attracting the glamor and glam of traditional Christmas parties (innocent as charged), I recommend trying a focused backpack. I love how the waistband shapes the jacket and helps to balance the wide fit of the pants. Perfection.

Style Notes: This is just what I want to wear for a cold weekend hike. The jacket is a good balance between smart and yet sturdy, so you can easily wear for both formal and comfortable occasions. It looks fantastic with French Connection's dreamy hiking boots with sloping lining, ensuring your toes are comfortable all winter long.

Style Notes: I became a real orange convert this season, and this midi with a long sleeve is an easy way to experiment with such a bold shade. The long sleeves and hem line give the dress a twist of the 70's, especially when paired with knee-high boots.

Style Notes: I'm obsessed with the large, double collar effect on this beige coat, which gives it a distinct designer feel. I have tried it in my usual size, but I can also imagine it looks chic when worn oversized. & # 39; A victorious staple that will take you season after season.

Style Notes: This is the perfect example of the high-low styling I talked about earlier. I'm a big fan of the contrast between the high gloss sequins and the textured, large roll neck – it's just the right balance between fashionable, flattering and effortless.

Style Notes: This is a great example of the versatile dress, mid-dress-up. It's the kind of dress that will look just as good with knee-high boots and a roll neck for work as with embellished heels and earrings.

Style notes: Forget about a duvet day – stick to this oh-so-cozy coat and feel like you've never left your bed. It is the warmest coat I have ever worn, with the softest faux fur. It comes up fairly spacious, so adjust it if you want a smaller fit.

Style Notes: If you are looking for a real party showstopper, you can't go wrong with a sequin jersey. It features a plunged neckline (& # 39; tire is definitely needed) and a loose waist to wear around, and it will pack a lot of vibes from the 70s if paired with A platform heel and a slider jacket are designed.

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