I love the leather in the summer trend

Unless I'm going to exercise, I'm generally not a general fan of sweat. It's not that I object to sweating, but I hate feeling too hot. I'm a northerner, so anything above 16 degrees feels boiling, honestly. When it comes to spring and summer wardrobes, I adhere to the principles of dressing loose and usually in cotton.

Oh, but fashion has other plans for this season. What started with a trend towards the end of last summer will now be a full-fledged appearance for the coming warmer months: summer learning. Yes, I hear you mocking, but when you think about it, we always wore motorcycle jackets during the summer. However, it's not just what I'm talking about. I mean leather wrap dresses, minis, pencil skirts, shirts and shorts. The leather review was even given to jackets. Thanks to Bottega Veneta, Miu Miu and Loewe, who all showcase leather displays on their spring / summer 2020 runways, this is really one of the cutest trends for years to come.

To keep this trend as cool as possible, I suggest you start with the sweater for the next few months, and head to the leather pants for the summer. Jackets and shirts can of course be worn now, but ideal for throwing over dresses during July and August. The shirt and oversized dresses are great for warmer days, but if you want to try the closer versions, it's best to save them for the evening. Do you have it all? Turn to this trend on the runway and look for the best leather and faux leather pieces available now.

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