I rated Young LDN's CBD Facial

Next, organic hemp extract, cucumber and seaweed are used to soften and reduce redness in my skin. The mask is on for about 6-10 minutes and is removed with a warm cloth. After applying the CBD oil, which is massaged deep into my skin, with a combination of pressure point and deep tissue massage. It was – and always is – my favorite part of a face, because it makes your skin look and feel light and supple. Eventually, face and neck cream is applied to help the skin rejuvenate and rejuvenate using a combination of glycolic acid, royal jelly and bee propolis.

I felt shiny, relaxed and calm. Bonus: my skin only got better as the week came. I can see why Kate & # 39; s a fan.

Interested in trying CBD products from your own home? Watch and buy my pics below.

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