I'm stealing Stacey Dooley's Jeans and Jumper Outfit Secret

It's only knitwear and a pair of jeans, but a boy knows Stacey Dooley what it will look like the cutest outfit ever. The TV star whose style has kept us a little busy for the past year or so always manages to make even the simplest of outfits look amazing. But it is her penchant for the humble sweater and jeans that really sets her style apart from so many others. So what's her secret? I decided to look at my reporter's hat and look at some of her most important looks and work out how she makes this classic couple feel exciting.

First, it's about the muted or dark colors. There are no bold colors here, just a simple palette of black, blue and ice. Furthermore, she knows how to find amazing jeans and they always look on her body. Lastly, it is the use of accessories that makes the difference to this outfit. She always chooses elegant footwear in black, but bags and bags are the best standout item. Ready to see what I mean? Scroll through to know how to steal Stacey's signature look.

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