Kate Middleton went to buy the Zara Sale again

The beginning of January for many of us involves a thorough browsing of the Zara auction, and it seems we are in royal company as the Duchess of Cambridge carried two items from the Zara auction this month. Last week she wore a checkered belt marked in Boxing Day sales, and today she wears a midi skirt of leopard print reduced from £ 30 to £ 10. The pleated skirt is now sold out, but there are many other leopard prints up and down the street for those who want to replicate her look.

Leopard print may not be a fashion trend, you would think Buckingham Palace would be approved, but Kate made it look timeless and classic by opting for a sophisticated silhouette and print. using dark colors, making it a subtle option. Then she paired her skirt with a pair of black knee-high boots, a simple black roll neck and a double-breasted camel, which may have been another sale, as in the Massimo Dutti auction.

Scroll through to check out Kate's elegant winter gear.

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