Katie Holmes stepped out in yet another Khaite appearance

If there's one celebrity we're looking at right now, it should be Katie Holmes. The actress has no doubt for a moment, which all started late this summer when she was spotted in that now-iconic cardigan and cashmere bra kitchen. Since then, Holmes has appeared throughout New York and wore a series of looks, which quickly became one of the most influential celebrity clothes of 2019.

So who can we credit for Katie's re-visit to the style? Well, the Khaite brand, for one. The New York label was not only responsible for Holmes' viral cashmere bra moment, but it also lagged behind several of Katie's other notable appearances. For the past two months, Holmes has been practicing the brand's daywear, outerwear and footwear on various occasions, introducing herself as a supporter of the label, if ever there was one. & # 39; A few weeks back, Holmes was wearing one of the white statement shirts from Khaite, and just last night she bought a pair of enviable Zebra boots at the brand on her way to an advantage in New York.

Although Katie isn't the only celebrity in favor of the label, Khaite also counts Kaia Gerber, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rihanna as fans. There is no doubt about it, Khaite's star is definitely on the rise. Browse to see and buy the best look of Kaite Holmes by the Khaite brand.

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