Knitwear in this color sells randomly like crazy

One of my favorite ways to lift my winter wardrobe is to opt for knitwear in a pitch black shade – my jersey is a sensory overload because I have a neck in it. neon green, baby pink, rainbow stripes and bright blue. However, the one color I find easiest to wear is lilac – I have an American Vintage cardigan, and I found that the color really does lift any outfit.

However, I am not alone, as one of our most clicked articles Who cares this month is a & ldquo; cardigan by & Other Stories and I still see influencers in violet cardis. The American Vintage vest is sold out thanks to influencers like Lucy Williams, but there are many other lilac knitwear that are just as beautiful.

Keep watching people wear their lilac cardigans and jumpsuits, and buy my favorites below that are not in stock yet.

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