Love it or hate it, these are the best products for Goop Beauty

They were good. Like, seriously good. I began to question whether I liked or liked the products and did not agree with the general message of the brand. And as I love the products more and more, I consider the idea that I might get the wrong end of the stick. Just a few weeks ago, Netflix dropped the series The Goop Lab, a documentary that follows the staff of Goop (including Gwyneth himself) and explores the world of alternative health treatments, and I got hooked.

Maybe Goop wasn't the demonizing lifestyle brand I originally thought. Over the course of the series, I felt as though they offered a non-biased, open insight into a variety of beauty and wellness treatments I had not previously considered. This is not to say that I don't feel like many of the methods that promote Goop have good scientific support, but it seems that I'm not alone, and almost everyone who has watched the series wants & # 39; share some kind of opinion.

But when it comes to the beauty products of the brand, though, I really struggle to blame them. Wherever you go, from bath to scrubs, some of my favorite beauty products come courtesy of Goop and here is my version of the best …

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