Marks & Spencer's latest party drop is just as fabulous

Oh M&S, you know how to draw our attention. This week, the brand revealed more of its party-ready pieces and I’m hooked. The thing that really thwarted me was the fluffy clutch bag which is available in four different colors, and I know it will look so great with each party I am going to hold during the festive season. But before I share your editing of the pieces I love (and I know you will share) with you, here's a quick comment on party food in 2019. Right now, we all want clothes and accessories that stay. We don't want to spend our money on something that will only survive a few trips. It is not only because we are all careful about our money, but we are also concerned about the environment and want to be more sustainable, so this editing has taken everything into account.

From a velvet suit that looks just as nice with a tight heel for your work Christmas party as with shoes for the office, to a classic black sweater that I guarantee you will be wearing so many times over the coming year (it's also a great option for wedding guests). Other items that caught my eye are a vintage-looking necklace, a pink midi dress and a black dress that you know you will wear until next summer. Ready to see what pieces I judged from this incredible M&S party drop? Keep scrolling …

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