Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel promises serious glow

In fact, before the introduction of Renaissance Cleansing Gel in 2013, there was very little like it on the market. Cleaners, we were something that was our faces at the time. It was gel, cream or foam (if you really participated in your skincare, you might have used oil cleansers, but it was by no means the mainstream) and had only one purpose and one purpose: to clean your skin . Therefore, when a more or less unheard brand launched a balm / gel hybrid that promised to cleanse, exfoliate and deliver essential antioxidants so that the skin glowed, it could stir. be.

Unlike so many other cleaners out there, it was pleasing to use what really struck people about this particular formula. It is filthy and luxurious, enabling soothing facial massage while smelling truly divine. For so many people (including a bunch of Who What Wear editors), it was Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel that first made us feel good about skincare. Not only did it encourage us to adopt a daily skincare routine, but it also showed what good skincare can actually do for your skin. It makes you glow, sure, but it also makes the makeup seamless and makes the skin smoother and less susceptible to endurance, without any indication of irritation.

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