Suqqu Is the Japanese beauty market that celebrities are obsessed with

You may not have heard of Suqqu before, but trust me when I say it's worth knowing about it. Japanese brands are known for competing high-tech ingredients and combine it with a more holistic, natural and ritualistic approach to beauty, and Suqqu is no different. With both makeup and skincare products, Suqqu relies on the principles of inner calm, serenity and wellness – which means it's a real winner if you love the skin of lightened skin.

And it seems I have a serious company as a big Suqqu fan. After trying my first product, I was so blown away that I decided to do some research. I was honestly shocked that I had not heard it before. From Margot Robbie to Victoria Beckham, it appears that Suqqu & # 39; s got some big name fans. And no, I'm not talking & # 39; used-it-once-and-thought-it-was-ok & # 39; no. Some of my favorite celebrities swear by Suqqu products for their everyday regimes.

Sounds like something you could get on board with? Keep scrolling to discover the exact Suqqu products that celebrities and makeup artists swear by.

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