The best anti-aging eye cream according to celebrities

From how to really get rid of dark circles to the free beauty hack that will ban puffiness, I have tried to leave no stone unturned in my quest to combat tired eyes once and for all. But even though the experts were more than helpful, my inner beauty junkie is always interested in learning about the products that people really use to take care of their eyes – especially celebrities who have access to the best facial and skincare products at their fingertips . .

I've been following a fairly comprehensive list of over 40 celebrities for their skincare advice (if their skin is glowier than mine, with over ten decades of extra life, I'm just earshot), so I thought it made sense to start with them for obtaining the best anti-aging eye cream.

Browse through 8 celebrities and the eye streams they swear to combat the signs of aging you prefer to reduce. (Although all the more powerful for you if you let your fine lines and wrinkles ring and shine proudly.)

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