The best buy from Topshop, and other stories, Arket and H&M

Here at Who What Wear UK, we are going to deliver the latest and greatest shopping edits, as approved by our team. That's why we created a new shopping column, The joy of shopping, who will see me, Joy Montgomery, on the way to all your favorite stores to test new pieces of IRL. From summer dresses to the brands you may have forgotten, prepare for the locker room selfies. Is there anything you want me to cover? Make sure that tweet or Instagram my requests!

The fashion industry has long been shaped by the shift of the seasons – an annual cycle that depends on February and September as a point for the coming months. Fashion Week, in turn, is a chance for us to look at a crystal ball and get a glimpse into the future of fashion: the silhouette, the color fields and the diagonals that set the agenda will set.

What a clear demarcation between & # 39; spring / summer & # 39; and & # 39; autumn / winter & # 39; however, has faded. In the never-ending cycle, brands are created through various collections throughout the year, such as incident and resort, in addition to the traditional biennial offering. Meanwhile, the watch-now-buy-now model has enabled consumers to shop directly from the runway. The regimental system that formed the retail industry suddenly seems restrictive in a digitalized world. After all, there has always been something somewhat incompatible about looking at summer dresses in the depths of winter.

The result? Designers have begun to create hybrid collections that blend winter staples with summer separations and fall shades with spring silhouettes. In some ways, it's a more accurate representation of the workings of our wardrobe, for example, many of us still wearing coats in March or a summer dress in February. Add to that the fact that people want to shop more sustainably and buy items that work through all seasons, but natural fashion seems to adapt to demand.

This more flexible approach to design is reflected in the spring trends of the street scene. Case: Leather is no longer reserved for winter coat, and by 2020 it has been fitted in everything from dresses to short-sleeved shirts. Knitted fabrics and tweed followed the same trajectory, and I'm definitely going to invest in Topshop's oh-so-chic ribbed cord for spring. Of course, I've included a good dose of your seasonal fund – & a good dress is never out of style, but I say it's time to embrace the birth of flexi fashion. That is the future, after all.

Scroll down to check out and buy the spring you can wear in the summer and beyond.

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