The best face masks used by celebrities and insiders

& # 39; A fantastic face mask will cure everyone. Dry, dehydrated winter skin? Do you feel a bit dazed and dull due to a lack of that long-forgotten vitamin D? Do you only need 5 minutes of self-care? Nothing beats a face mask on Sunday night to tackle any of the above. It's one of the easiest ways to get that glow to the face and the perfect antidote to party season.

But which mask should you choose? The industry is overflowing with options, so we're off to the experts, the glamorous celebrities and beauty insiders, to bring a version of masks that people have never described as the best. This is the cult classic. They have been trusted to bring glamor to some of the most important events from the leading award-winning masks to concoctions before the wedding, so you know you can't really go wrong. Not only that, most of them are also purse-friendly.

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