The Best Full Fringe Hairstyles and How to Pull Them Off

I can’t remember a time when my go-to hairstyle didn’t involve a fringe. Over the years, it has fluctuated between being shorter than recommended after an ill-advised attempt at self-styling and almost fully grown-out, but I feel most like myself when I’m sporting a full, thick fringe that sits just on my eyebrows. But it turns out lots of people are absolutely terrified of fringes. In fact, a quick poll of the office revealed that most of the team would be too nervous to take the leap to a full-on fringe—although they could maybe be tempted by a softer, French-girl fringe.

Reasons for their reluctance ranged from a full fringe being too high maintenance (I’m inclined to agree, as, at the time of writing this, mine currently resembles an unloved mop and keeps poking me in the eyeballs because I’m so in need of a trim) to not having the right face shape to pull one off. So I decided it was time to call on the hair experts to dispel the myths about full fringe hairstyles—from the face shapes they suit best to how to look after them when you’re in-between hair appointments.

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