The best shopping malls from the latest drop of Anine Bing

What inspired you to create the collection with Terry O & # 39; Neill?

Terry's photography inspired me long before I started the brand, I love his work and have & # 39; some of his original prints in my home. About a year ago, one of his team reached out to me because they heard that I liked his photography and asked if we could meet. We looked through his entire archive and decided that this picture was the one, as it always was in my mood. She looks so kind and effortless, that's all I want from my brand.

Your collection is based on timeless staples – what should you do?

It is so important to find those good quality pieces that work together easily. Setting up a good basic closet is much easier to put on in the morning, because you can undo a few things and you're ready to go. I couldn't live without the perfect white T-shirt, a pair of jeans, a jacket and pumps or a boot. Once you have these staples, you can easily layer them in more fashionable pieces.

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