The Body Shop chamomile cleaning butter is my best product

No, it doesn't look like much, and no, it doesn't smell like a spa and no, it certainly doesn't promise that you will completely fix your skin problems overnight. However, it removes every last trace of dirt and make-up from your face with no fuss. It also smells somewhat comforting and promises to completely change the way you approach your facial care routine, thanks to how strikingly easy and fun it is to use.

The condition of my skin has been very annoying for the past few years – sometimes it was plagued with blemishes, while it & # 39; s switched over a few weeks later and it would dry unabated. With some products only exacerbating the problem, this situation has made the process of choosing skincare & # 39; s a little difficult to say the least.

My only constant during the last four or so years has been the Body Shop cleaning butter. It does not cause redness, it does not ovulate at the breakouts and does not leave the skin with a potentially irritating film – it does just what is said. It takes off my makeup, provides a nice slip for a quick facial massage to get the circulation going, and provides just the right hydration level while soothing any existing irritation using chamomile. And did I mention it's only £ 11?

In fact, I would have gone so far that if I could only use one skincare product for the rest of my life, it would be this thing. If you suffer from temperamental skin, I urge you to give this little bit of miracle. Scroll through to check out the balm, along with other glowing skincare products from The Body Shop that I swear to.

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