The brown color trend for 2020 surprised me

I'll be equal to you: I've never been a fan of tan. If you choose more neutral or minimalist colors, why choose such an indescribable color if there is black, white, cream or camel, which is much better? Oh, how wrong I was. In this fashion season, I searched through thousands of street style photos and said that at least half of the people who were snapped were wearing head-to-toe tan in some form. And it seems chic.

From leather insoles to cozy teddy jackets and corduroy suits, not to mention high-heeled sneakers, there are so many ways to put on this color. The other important aspect is that it is not just one brown shade, but also the entire range. And if you clash, it wears just as well as giving a complete monotonous look. I'm totally sold on this color so you just keep scrolling to see what I mean and then buy brown items. You will never look at this same color again.

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