The denim under the radar brands you should know:

Denim is the cornerstone of a wardrobe for a good woman. From dresses to sweaters, jackets and of course jeans, this is the timeless trend we have been dependent on every decade since the 1930s, when Levi developed the world's first jeans designed exclusively for women. We counted on that until the 1990s when head-to-toe was the way to do it and still do it in 2020 when the presentation of different styles seems endless.

Even if you don't consider yourself a jeans person, you will probably own a piece or at least one pair in your favorite shade. And sometimes one perfect pair is all you need – but the search for that effortless style that works on all occasions is a process that spends most of our years. Not only do we have the shape, fit and shade to consider, but these days it's a tough decision to decide for yourself which brand is best.

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