The Yellow Coat Trend is taking over London Fashion Week

It is an old British herd to constantly complain about the weather and although we are not trying to play stereotypes, we must say the climate during London Fashion Week was something else. As Storm Dennis moved across London, there was plenty of wind and rain to compete, although it did not prevent the contestants from putting on a bold face and making their way to the shows.

In fact, although we haven't seen the sun since the start of LFW on Friday, several show goers have taken matters into their own hands and brought some sunshine with them in the form of bright yellow coats.

Yellow coats have been all over London for the past week, from stuffed jackets to belts. Often designed against the shades of beige and black, it is clear that influencers and participants use the bright color to make a statement between the gray skies. Scroll through to see how the contestants are styling coats during fashion week and check out the look below.

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