This is why I go to Zara for all my outfit ideas for 2020

Although we all know and love Zara for its affordable basics and unique customizations for the moment, I recently turned to & # 39; a new reason for the brand: outfit style inspiration. The street name label seems to have perfected the art of distinctive product design and frequently display interesting objects online that we just want to copy.

From pairing a skirt sweater to a shirt coat and wearing a large jacket on top of the side split leggings, and Zara has a way to even to make the most basic staples staples look.

As U.S. Senior Editor Lauren Eggertsen discovered on her tour through headquarters, Zara has 15 different studio sets that work to produce the visuals we see on the site. Each studio has its own individual photographer and styling team, which is probably why the visuals and equipment choices seem to be so innovative and diverse.

Browse to the Zara inspired outfit style where I can't wait.

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