This trending Zara top looks so expensive

I can't overstate it: Zara has one of the best choices of party blouses, shirts and tops this past season. However, there is one that looks so extraordinary and so high on the street that, surprisingly, it has been loved by some of the most stylish women on Instagram. We saw Soraya Bakhtiar and Alice Naylor-Leyland wearing the black and pink tops this week. We know that it won't be long before we follow more. But back to that point – what is it that makes it so special? My theory is that although the contrasting colors make it stand out (pink and black are always an excellent combination), it's the puffed sleeves that give it the best shine. Of course, big sleeves were a huge trend for 2019 and the bigger, the better in our books. Zara's design team clearly knows this as well and haven't held back when it comes to this particular summit. The good news is that it's still available, but if it's suddenly sold out (& # 39; a very real possibility), rest assured that there's plenty more to keep you going for the festive season. Keep scrolling to see the piece in question and then continue our edit of the best Zara party tops right now.

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