We asked 4 women to share their 2020 wish lists

While we are at the cusp of & # 39; a new year – wait, it & # 39; s making a new one decade – We have done our best to give you a change on the trends that will really matter in 2020. Everything you buy from this point should see you in full next year, so we've done homework so you don't have to.

We literally searched through thousands of catwalk images, searched every new in-section, and summed up the best purchases found on Instagram to find the pieces that are truly trending right now. However, every now and then we can do with a little outside perspective. As such, we decided to ask four women working in the fashion world to find out what pieces they are worth shopping for next year.

From the latest brands that are in demand, to the shoes that are not just one, but also two of the changes below, continue to see how the 24 unknown women compile their wish lists for 2020.

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