We asked an expert how you can do your own wedding makeup

When I got married in June last year, like many other brides, I chose to do my own wedding preparation. We raised a small budget for our London pub wedding, and I really didn't want to eat into it by hiring a professional to help me. The main reason, however, was that I never feel quite like myself after someone else did my makeup. This is not to say that my own makeup skills are obviously against those of a pro. I just wanted a less-perfect, more-DIY makeup look that felt completely like me.

One of the most valuable things I did to prepare for my wedding was to visit & # 39; a Bobbi Brown store for a bridal beauty lesson. At the time it was completely free, but now it costs £ 50, which is redeemable against any product you buy in-store. In return, you get 60 minutes with a professional makeup artist who walks you through each step of your bridal makeup routine. The time I spent was invaluable to me, and it has proven to be important to talk to experts if you plan to do a marriage yourself.

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