Winter clothing for women: the 9 key pieces you need.

With gifts to buy, parties to attend and mince to eat, it is no surprise that our wardrobe can sometimes sit in the winter months. Not to mention the weather that does not offer an attractive attraction, if you are just not freezing. Anyone else to share in a constant cycle of knitting, jeans and coats with the odd sparkling top?

Not that we have anything against that classic combination, but sometimes a little inspiration is needed to breathe life into our existing wardrobe and make us feel at the top of our fashion game until the new season. I took to Instagram to see what some of our favorite influencers are currently dressing for, and found myself seeing the same nine pieces over and over.

These basic things that are anything but boring are so easy to incorporate into your current offering with a few simple styling slips, the everyday look will be enhanced, making them feel very much 2020 before we get there. Whether staying home over Christmas or feeling festive with minimal effort, if you only buy nine items this winter, make it this …

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